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“I’m glad I kept the baby because I now see him as a gift”

“I’m glad I kept the baby because I now see him as a gift”

Nicole contacted Covenant Care in November to discuss placing her unborn baby for adoption. She was already parenting twelve children and struggling to make ends meet. It was late in her pregnancy and she was sure parenting was not the best option for her or her child. But she didn’t know anything about adoption or where to turn.

Nicole met with her Covenant Care caseworker who shared the beauty of adoption with Nicole. After that meeting, Nicole realized that her situation was not hopeless. She saw that her baby has a purpose and God has a plan. Nicole sent this message to her caseworker after their first meeting:

…I’m glad I kept the baby because I now see him as a gift. Not for me, but for someone else. I want to see him and hold him, but I want someone else to have the pleasure of raising him… Bad decisions on my part, but a blessing I didn’t understand til now.

Nicole’s heart had moved from despair to embracing adoption as a blessing — the blessing of a child and for a waiting adoptive family. Nicole delivered her baby boy in late November. After choosing her family, Nicole had this to say about the family she chose:

A picture says 1000 words. The picture that tells my adoption story is the one in black & white [that I saw in the adoptive family’s profile]. The adoptive father is holding an infant and all you see is pure love. The love of a father, who loves the mother of the baby… I know that my baby will be loved unconditionally and nurtured.

Nicole made a selfless and beautiful decision in choosing adoption for her son! Thank you for supporting Covenant Care this year so that we had the opportunity to serve Nicole, her baby, and others in similar situations! If you would consider a year-end Christmas gift to continue this work, we would be grateful.

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