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Birth Mother Videos


When I found out I was pregnant I was in my active addiction. I had been addicted to drugs and I was an active user for about twelve years. When I found out I was pregnant that’s why I felt like I was so alone because it was a complete accident, although I wasn’t taking safety measures.

I felt like I had to keep it a secret. I just felt a sense of what am I going to do now and how did I get myself into this situation.

I felt like my options were abortion and that was the only option or to just try to raise this baby on my own and I was just very scared.

He tried to take me to the abortion clinic three times and in my soul I just felt like I couldn’t do that. The hardest part of the adoption process when I was pregnant would be that I was going to have my life and I was going to have this child that I knew I wasn’t going to be able to give her the life that she deserved.

I received a lot of support from Covenant Care. I don’t think I could have done this without Covenant Care and without my caseworker. It made everything flow. It made a smooth transition. I knew that I had a lot of support emotionally from Covenant Care and also just all the little details that have to be worked out with custody and placement.

I got off of drugs completely so I knew that she was developing in me to the best of her ability. I  moved in with my dad to finish the rest of my pregnancy and then I went into a drug treatment center and I have been clean now for eleven months. It turned my entire life around for the better.

This baby is what saved my life.

Jada and her mother, Adé

Adé: The thoughts that go through a mother’s head is what could you have done to prevent this situation from happening because you don’t want to go that route but because you know you’re in a situation and you’ve already tried to let them know that you’ve tried to protect them from the consequences that do come with getting pregnant.

Jada: Well, my family kind of responded in a shocking way.  They were very shocked but at the same time they wanted to be a part of it.  I wouldn’t bash my family about it but one thing I can say is that the only person that was by my side through the whole journey was my mom.  That was like the only person. And she was a little bit upset but she was very supportive about it. She didn’t bash me or call me out my name.  She was like you know we have options.

Adé: The first choice that came to mind when my daughter became pregnant was abortion and it was a thought that you couldn’t think anything past that.  How I felt about adoption as an option at that time it was not until it came upon us.

Jada: You know I didn’t want to put my son through something because you know I wasn’t right.  I wouldn’t want to put him in a situation of immaturity as a child because I had him at a young age and stuff like that.

Adé: It was always saying you’re giving your child up for adoption.  You’re not giving up anything you’re providing life to so many people.  So adoption helped me understand it’s not a selfish act that the mother was doing but a selfless act that the mother was doing.

Jada: One thing I can say about Covenant Care is that they do want the child to be in a good home and that’s their main concern is for the child to be in a good home and for everybody to be happy.  You know the other side of the family, me the birth mom, the parents, they want everybody to be happy so that’s the good thing about Covenant Care.

Adé: The process of adoption through Covenant Care has changed my life and my daughter’s life in a way of understanding that we can peek into the life of her son and my grandson.  We can peek into that world and know that hés okay but keep our distance and let him grow and be nurtured and nourished by the wonderful family that hés been gifted to and they’re giving us the tools to know how to do that.

Jada: They just want the best and it changed my life in a good way because now I’m still able to do what I wanted to do when I was younger and they definitely helped me do that.

Adé: Covenant Care has given us the tools to help us understand that this is only the beginning of the process.  This is a life long journey not only between the child but the parents also. This is a family affair.

Amber & Tony

Amber: When I first found out about the whole thing I was completely freaked out.  I didn’t know what to do. I had no idea what I was going to do. Like I thought about abortion but that’s horrible and I just couldn’t like.   Me and him even thought about it, we talked about it, but I just couldn’t do that. But I knew we couldn’t keep it.

Tony: People are going to resent you for doing either one.  You keep it and some people will resent you because they’ll be like you just weren’t ready.  If you give it up for adoption people will be like how could you do that. You have to make a decision that at the end of the day you’re satisfied with and you can have a clear conscious on.  So when it came to the option of adoption I wasn’t really impacted but I could see how everyone’s opinion was affecting her.

Amber:  My sister was like totally 100 percent against it.  She was just like how are you going to do this you’re going to just going to give it to some people like you don’t even care.   She just totally gave me such a bad reaction that I was like I can’t tell anybody because everybody’s going to give me this reaction and I won’t be able to handle this I’m going to be basically forced to keep this child and I’m not ready.  I’m not physically at a place in my life where I can keep the child.

Tony: But the biggest thing about it is it’s not that you’re not taking responsibility for what had happened.  What it is is you realize you may not responsible as yet so you make a responsible decision to give someone else that responsibility.  Amongst our trial and tribulations I remember when we first got here we came across someone named Billy who helped us and gave us options and she was like well since this is what y’all are going to do go ahead she was like I know a place and I know someone so she brought us to the Covenant Care.

Amber: It wasn’t what you would expect an adoption situation to be like.  I came in here and everybody was so nice to me.

Tony:  I was there.  I was being asked questions and everything. I understood what was going on and what she was going through as well.


Everybody was so sweet to me, especially a shout out to Jennifer.  She was like absolutely amazing. It was just the fact that she would call, she would check in just like how are you doing.  Getting a call text or a how are you doing from somebody. I don’t even get that from my own sister. I barely get that from my family.  So the fact that somebody that I just met cares enough genuinely about me just a hey how are doing, let’s go out to lunch, let’s talk. The fact that she still talks to me means so much to me.


Like she said, she called to check on her.  It felt more like an actual person caring not so much just we’re a business and this is what we do.  It honestly had a very very very personal touch to it. I have to say that stood out.


I needed people to tell me like you’re making the right decision.  And like he was there man. He’s literally been my rock through everything.


You don’t want to abandon your mate at that very moment because she’s going through a lot and the last thing she needs is more loss.  She already feels like she’s lost something. I guess you see a lot of couples just go through something. This is that moment when you’re just like oh we’re together forever this is that time to test that.  Like are you really going to be there for her. I understand it’s gonna be hard and she’s gonna run you out of house and home and mood swings are something else but at the end of the day when we were at the hospital holding the baby I was sitting there just thinking to myself it was so worth it.  It was honestly worth dealing with. It was worth not giving up for. But I guess you can say Covenant Care gave me a different perspective about an adoption agency and how a personal touch and caring really can be despite what I say we’ve been exposed to. All the negativity and the turmoil and heartbreak so it’s just good to know that adoption, there’s a good side to it