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Baby is already here

Is Adoption Still An Option?

If you are home with your newborn and still thinking about adoption call us. We can help.

Do you have a little one at home, but you’re not sure that parenting is the right choice for you? Are you worried about being able to provide diapers, formula, clothing, daycare, and all the other necessities that come along with being a good parent? Are you alone in parenting, without financial and emotional support from friends or family? Or maybe you have other goals for yourself, and are wondering if now is the right time in your life to be a parent?

Being a parent is a big responsibility. If you are already parenting, you can still make an adoption plan for your child. You still have options!  Contact us and one of our counselors will meet with you, wherever you are, to learn more about you and your child.

We will help you create an adoption plan that works for you, including picking and meeting a family. You can receive picture and letter updates throughout your child’s life. You can create an open adoption plan, a closed adoption plan, or something in between.

After the adoption is complete, you will continue to receive one-on-one support from your counselor as long as you need it. You will be welcomed into our community of other women who have also made a plan of adoption for their child.


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